We are a group of top professionals in the luxury, high-fashion eyewear industry who believe company and consumer interests are best served when they are equal.   Not just profit. People.

Traditionally the price you pay for a pair of quality high-fashion sunglasses reflects the number of stops on the way from design to factory to you. Importers, sales reps, and retailers each increase the price without adding equal value to you. Never seemed very fair to us.

We therefore created Orlando Rey as the first direct-from-designer, made by our factoty to e-commerce site for trendsetting sunglasses in the world.  It’s a one-stop shop where world-renown designers and engineers craft beautiful, on-trend eyewear, and in-house e-marketers deliver to you direct from our own factory

Our vision is equal parts fashion, design, quality and value.  Eyewear with trend-setting design and superior craftsmanship that would be triple the price at a store, but offered to you at a value unprecedented in the industry until now. 

Orlando.REY Collection


We own a state-of-the-art  factory, which allows our designers to implement the latest technologies,
create sunglasses, based on the latest fashion trends, with the most advanced features, such as Easy Clean
and unbreakable frames.
The way we deliver our sunglasses to you, is very simple. They are shipped directly from our factory logistic hubs to you.
The fact,that we don’t  operate our own retail stores and a complex distribution chain, allows us,  to focus on what is really important for our customers.
All of our efforts go entirely towards creating  the highest quality product as well as into the design and production of exclusive sunglasses.
This allows our customers, to acquire the best value in the sunglass industry.


Our products are aimed at those who value quality products, that are aware of trends, like to travel, take a walk on the beach or in the park, be with friends and above all share every moment of their life with the ones they love.

The Orlando.Rey is for everyone and specially for you.


“Offer you designer eyewear made with superior materials and features for a low price.”


” I loved the polarized lenses. The finishes are excellent. Optimal quality that you can’t find in competitors with the same price level! “

Pedro Antunes / Website

” The product arrived much earlier than I was expecting and it has an excellent quality specially with a price like this, I must say I was very impressed. “

João Campos / Website

Most comfortable sunglasses I’ve ever had. Better than the others brands that I used to wear.

Jonah S. Rathmer / Instagram